Manuscript presentation
RLFP publishes original articles, review essays and discussions. Article manuscripts should not be longer than 10,000 words; review essay manuscripts should not be longer than 6,000 words; discussion manuscripts should not be longer than 5,000 words. Manuscripts may be either in Spanish or in English and must be emailed to in word or RTF format. RLFP will only consider submissions that are not currently under review at another journal.

Author details and acknowledgments must be removed for purposes of blind refereeing.

Please, provide a short abstract of about 150 words.

Key words
Please, provide 5 key words in alphabetical order.

Notes and references
References should follow the Harvard System. Author surname, publication year and cited pages must be inserted in brackets in the main text. For example: (Dworkin 2011:175-177). If you are citing several texts of an author published in the same year, please distinguish between them allowing letters. For example (Dworkin 2011a: 175-177).

Full references of sources used should be listed at the end of the manuscript as a reference list according to these criteria:

Dworkin, R. (2011). Justice for Hedgehogs. Cambridge: The Belknap Press.

Articles in edited collections
Gewirth, A. (2007). Duties to Fulfill the Human Rights of the Poor. In T. Pogge (Ed.), Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right. Oxford: Oxford University Press (pp. 219-236).

Journal articles
Shue, H. (1998). Mediating Duties. Ethics 98 (4), pp. 687-704.

Barry, C. (2011). Inmigration and Global Justice. Global Justice: Theory, Practice, Rhetoric 4 (1), pp. 30-38,

Blake, M. (2005). International Justice. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,

All notes should be presented as end-notes.
Manuscripts will be sent to blind referees.

Review Process
Manuscripts should be sent for review via e-mail ( Papers are sent to at least two independent referees. RLFP adheres to a ‘double blind’ review process: Authors are unaware of who reviewed their manuscript, and reviewers are not told who wrote it.

Reviewers give their opinion on scientific and formal aspects of the manuscript, and judge it on grounds of originality and pertinence. All relevant information is forwarded to the author.

Reviewers come to one of these four assessments:

1. Accept (no need for any revision)

2. Accept after revision (accepted if the author makes the requested revisions)

3. Revise and resubmit (accepted or rejected after revisions have been made – manuscript will be sent out for another review round)

4. Reject manuscript (if the manuscript is substandard)

Manuscripts may be rejected directly by the Editor if judged to be outside the journal scope or if does not meet minimal scientific or formal requirements.

In case of conflicting reviews the manuscript is sent to a third independent reviewer.

The estimated time for review and publication for each article is 8 to 12 weeks. To facilitate rapid publication, authors are given a maximum of 2 months for revision. After 2 months, revised manuscripts will be considered new submissions.

Authors are not required to pay any article processing charges or article submission charges.